January 21, 2009

Room with a view (noisy)

She motioned us to turn right, down three small steps to the patients’ bedrooms. There are three bedrooms, two very small with single beds (I caught only a quick glimpse as we went by) and the third the double we were to occupy. It is the one with an ocean view, a square room with salmon-colored walls, about 12 square meters with two separate beds made with white sheets and covers and rolled-up pillows in the French fashion.

A bathroom with a large mirror and shower but only one small towel and no tiles, plus the inimitable separate toilet room with cheap bronze wallpaper, poorly applied. At one corner of the bedroom a cupola with small windows where we deposited our bags. A white cabinet for surgical instruments, two white wicker chairs, each with one throw pillow, double French doors looking out to the sea. A great view but at the price of great noise down on Corniche Kennedy.