January 23, 2009

In or out?

What to do about dinner? Were we supposed to go out to eat? Eat by a certain hour? Not eat? What were our options? For dinner, we were told, it was best to order something from outside and eat in our room. The gates of Chateaux Sylvaine close at 8:30 pm and no decent French restaurant would open its doors before 8:00 pm. So what should we do? Nando was inclined to go out. He gets claustrophobic in enclosed spaces. And we both knew we’d wind up becoming very acquainted with this room over the next 36 hours.

Shorthair disappeared for a few moments, then announced that Dr. Delos said it would be okay if we wanted to go out for dinner. Just be back by 10:30 pm. They would delay locking the gate and activating the downstairs alarm system on our behalf. We weren’t excited about that prospect either. Nando was tired and neither of us knows Marseille. The two nurses hadn’t been able to suggest any decent nearby restaurants. So we opted for "dining at home". Shorthair brought a little booklet of the kind distributed in hotels and tourist offices with takeout menus from a variety of Marseille restaurants.