January 14, 2009

Christmas canaries

Nando had spoken with John, who said that Nicole had been basically a mess for three weeks. First week red, second week blue, third week yellow. "Well," I said brightly, "I’ll be a veritable Christmas tree, changing lights and all. Right in the spirit of the season. Doesn't matter as long as I am more or less okay for the cruise in January."

The cruise had been my idea. Our 20-something sons were coming to visit us after New Year's, and it had been up to me to plan a vacation that would be suitable for them and us. I figured that bright sunshine was not a great idea in the first months after a facelift, so I had booked us on a cruise to the Canary Islands. Sun and swimming for those who wanted it, namely the three males in the family; sightseeing and cultural excursions -- and lots of time to read books on a comfortable deck chair with sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat -- for me.