January 29, 2009

D-Day (Demolition Day)

I awoke at 3:30 am and couldn’t get back to sleep for awhile. The traffic noise was constant but it only interrupted my thoughts when I let it. That is a difference between Nando and me. He focuses on such things as traffic noises, obsesses about them, identifies whether a motorcycle is one cylinder or two, how big is the truck, how many tires does it have. I tune it all out. It’s only the outside world of ambient noise; it doesn’t intrude on the real world inside my head. Or so it seems.

I could hear my husband tossing and turning. I was too. I tried to sleep lying on my side -- classic fetal curl -- because, I figured, my face would be so bruised that the fetal position wouldn’t be possible for quite a while. I was right about that, but not because of the bruises.