September 3, 2008

Salvaging the "socks"

My sister could have bestirred herself to save some of my dad's sentimental favorites, but she was after bigger game: credenza, piano, lamps and tables and pictures. I was so overwhelmed by the horror of the house, the state to which it was reduced the summer of 1998, that I forgot about the dolls and the Bookworm. I had to focus on salvaging the Lenox, which I did. And one marble egg, and six rainbow-colored liqueur glasses.

But I feel bad. Where did Bookworm go? It vanished in spite of my careful efforts to keep it safe. Just like Nando’s prints that went astray. He is rightfully upset about those. It’s like socks in the washing machine. Where does one sock in a pair disappear to? It’s axiomatic that one will, but where does it GO?