September 1, 2008

Italian SOP

I’m not in shape and I don’t feel good about myself, but a US visit always has me running around so much that I don’t think about it much and wind up losing weight in spite of myself. Only this time I will probably fly British Airways, less familiar to me than the usual route via Paris. ERRGH.

This is one of those why-I-love-Italy-in-spite-of-itself weeks. The regular mail isn’t being delivered so no newspaper. This has been going on for almost two weeks. The Mac modem has broken so no email. The Apple dealer ordered it Tuesday but it still hasn’t arrived. Until yesterday the car was in the shop, and Midas’ machine to align tires is broken so I couldn’t bring the car in for that. The travel agency I picked to print out my ticket couldn't handle it in one shot so I have to return to pick it up tomorrow -- on my third trip.