July 22, 2008

Gold favor

I thanked my sister-in-law.   As soon as the stores opened this afternoon, I went to the closer of the two shops.  I poured out my tale of pathos and sorrow to the kindly-looking, plump, middle-aged woman behind the counter.  And -- as I calculated -- she took pity on me.  She called to her husband, the artisan, working in the back.  He too had a pleasant face, a compassionate face.  He inspected the bracelet.  “E un lavoro lunghetto, signora,” he sighed.  It’s a long job, madam.    

“Well, just do a quick fix job and I’ll bring it back when I return for a better one,” I bargained.  “No, with something like this, you have to do it right the first time,” he explained patiently.  “Or you risk losing another link.  But let me see what I can do.”   

So I knew he’d do it.