June 29, 2008

The doctor dilemma

When I finally called Joan, she put me at ease right away. She had never done anything so wonderful in her whole life, she gushed. If she had it to do again, she’d do it tomorrow. No, it didn’t hurt, not enough to fuss about anyway. And no, she didn’t look plastic or pulled; she still had wrinkles on her face and was plenty proud of them.

"I spent three years interviewing eight surgeons in four countries (five if you count Monaco) before deciding on Dr. Delos," she said. "I wanted to take my time. This is my only face, after all." She described the woman doctor who had taken harshly unflattering “before” pictures to convince Joan of the need for surgery. She described the Parisian doctor who had promised to eliminate all her wrinkles. She described the Milanese doctor who had flaunted his celebrity clientele.